It gives me the energy and focus to take on the day.
— A. Ball
I am so excited that finally I figured out what works for me!
— Eva Walker
I love the personalized training I receive in a group setting; how the exercises at each station are geared for different fitness/ability levels.
— Rikki Brookes Martin
This is unlike any other gym, I highly recommend checking it out! There are no mirrors and no bulky equipment. It is a group atmosphere that is extremely motivating and challenging.
— Noel Wilson

I have struggled with my weight since I was a child and have been a fitness failure my entire life.  An autoimmune disease led me down a path of taking harmful medications at which point I gained an additional 40 pounds. I was at my breaking point and knew I had to get my health back on track. I was desperate and determined to make a change and that is when I met Simon and his team. 

Simon is an extremely observant and knowledgable trainer. He instills confidence and encourages me to reach my potential.  After only a few short months at MBVI the weight started to come off. Simon takes the time to answer my questions and helps me work through any obstacles I may encounter.   The classes are quick, effective and never boring.  I truly enjoy having a more active lifestyle and am very grateful to have found a program that works for me!

Working out is not a chore anymore! Thank you MBVI!

- Nancy W.